A #1 New York Times Children’s Bestseller!

Seven textures to touch, a scratch-and-sniff scent, and pull tabs and foldouts
provide interactive surprises on every page as a colorful cast of critters demonstrate
opposites, actions, counting, and more!


Over 100 Weeks on the New York Times Children’s Bestseller List

Over one million copies sold

American Booksellers Association Bestseller

Publishers Weekly Children’s Bestseller

Parent’s Guide to Children’s Media Award
Activity book category

Parenting Picks, books ages 1 to 3


“From ‘tails furry’ to ‘tails rainbow-hued and shiny,’ Van Fleet serves up a waggish survey of the animal world's very own happy endings, with an assortment of hands-on pull tabs, textured surfaces, and very pettable faux fur.”

Parenting Magazine, October, 2003


“Sturdy pages feature friendly, frisky creatures interacting--and flaps and tabs encourage youngsters to do the same. A pull of a tab makes two young foxes' tails wag; a lift of a flap reveals the shimmering, Mylar-enhanced fanned-out feathers of one deservedly proud peacock, owner of the volume's most dazzling tail. Other child-pleasing pages include a pull-tab showing two tiny alligators hatching from eggs, displaying their ‘tails new’; and a pair of pages that open to reveal a whale of a tail, in fact ‘The biggest tail of all!’ The entire cast poses atop the smiling mammal with their species labeled. A final spread offers a counting game, challenging readers to search the pages for two tigers, three foxes, four pandas, etc. Youngsters will hardly realize how much they're learning in this entertaining and eye-catching caper”

Publisher’s Weekly, October 20, 2003