October the Octopus introduces preschoolers to the months of the year, textures, colors, and fascinating sea creatures. The cleverly textured pages will tickle fingertips and funny bones while revealing clues to what October will catch next, from a shiny and gold friend to a surprise fold-out ending!

As he did in Monday the Bullfrog, Van Fleet combines storytelling with a stuffed toy, this time a hungry octopus who introduces the months. Covered in velvety orange fabric, October has a mouth that opens wide to reveal the pages of the book. Tails and appendages of the sea creatures October “catches” each month stick out the sides of the pages: “February freezes with snow, sleet, and hail,/ as October catches something with pebbly green scales.” The green arm affixed to the next page offers a clue about the animal in question, in this case a sea turtle. A clever (and cuddly) design helps make this an engaging introduction to the months of the year. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 3–5. (Aug.)

Publishers Weekly, June 9, 2014



October chosen as one of ABC's Best Books for Children 2014