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This interactive board book dazzles the senses by portraying farm animals’ sounds and textures. Nimble fingers can manipulate pages that include lifting flaps to reveal surprises, pulling and pushing tabs that create animal actions, and touching textures that represent animal fur and feathers. Touch and sound combine when listeners discover a rubber duck among the real ones and push a pad that makes the toy squeak. Children will learn the names for male and female, adult and young of each variety (“Mommy ewe, Daddy ram, Lambs just born”). The minimal text includes rhythm and rhyme. Stanton’s full-color photographs contribute to the authenticity of the animals and the sensations stimulated in this book. Children are in store for an enriching, tactile-rich experience.

Diane Antezzo, Ridgefield Library, CT


A 2011 ABC Best Books for Children
The American Association of Booksellers

2012 National Parenting Publications Silver Award