Read and dance along as Chickie Baby learns how to dance
from a friendly band of animals who know all the right moves.
Young readers will delight in pulling the six sturdy pull tabs to make
the different animals hop, shake and bop as they dance to the
Hippoppta Hula, Gator Mashed Patater and more!

Shake, shake, Chickie Baby, You can dance!





Reprising the format of interactive books that include Color Dog, Heads, Moo, and Munch, Van Fleet returns with a story that sees a newborn chick heading to the dance hall to learn how to boogie. Hippos, rabbits, pigs, and other animals take turns showing off dance moves ("Cool, Chickie baby, now you're great and gettin' greater!/ Now swing both your arms and do the Gator Mashed Potater!"), and readers help the creatures shake their stuff by pulling sturdy cardboard tabs on the right-hand edge of the spreads. Working in the clean cartoon style of his previous books, Van Fleet creates a carefree cast of dancing animals; the baby chick joins in the dancing almost immediately, and children are all but certain to follow suit. A rockabilly recording of the song, performed by Dave Bickler of the rock band Survivor, is available for online listening. Ages 2-up.